4 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Golf Game

  • Posted on: 29 September 2016
  • By: admin

A strong back is necessary in golf because of how often it twists. Most golf-related injuries are in the back, but they can be prevented through maintaining an aligned spine by scheduling regular appointments with a chiropractor. Chiropractic care can even improve your golf game in the following ways:

Prevents Back Injuries

Golfers can prevent back injuries by regularly seeing a chiropractor for adjustments. This helps improve your golf game because it allows you to continue playing golf rather than having to sit out waiting for your back to heal. Chiropractic care prevents back injuries in golfers by keeping their backs in good condition. Over 80% of golf injuries are back-related, further stressing the important of looking after your back as a golfer.

Optimizes Your Body's Performance

In order for your body to function at its best, the spine must be aligned. Additionally, the action of swinging a golf club involves coordination between several body parts. When one area of the body isn't performing at its optimal level, another area of your body compensates. This compensation can lead to poor performance and injury. If you want to be the best golfer you can be, your back must also be in the best shape possible.

Tiger Woods himself has admitted that regular chiropractic adjustments is a key ingredient to his success in golf, "I’ve been going to a chiropractor for as long as I can remember, it is as important as the practice of my swing."

Helps You Play in All Scheduled Tour Events

Have you ever missed a golf game due to an injury? If so, you know how frustrating it is. Receiving regular chiropractic treatments allows you to play in more golf tournaments because it reduces the risk of injury. A golf study found that 55% of professional golfers have missed at least one tour event or played at an unsatisfactory level due to lower back pain. You can separate yourself from this statistic by receiving regular chiropractic adjustments.

Improves the Range of Motion in Your Spine

Chiropractic treatment improves the range of motion in the spinal joints. With a greater range of motion, it will be easier for you to swing a club. You will be able to improve your golf skills as well when your spine has better range of motion. Just think about how much a golfer's back twists, bends, and moves during a game. On top of that, your back absorbs the impact of hitting the golf club at speeds of up to 100 mph. Your back goes through a lot for a game of golf, so chiropractic care is a nice way to treat your back and keep it healthy.

Seeing a chiropractor isn't just for people who have back injuries. You can go for adjustments whether you're in pain or not. In fact, it's better to see a chiropractor before you feel pain or suffer from other symptoms that result for spinal misalignment. You can improve your golf skills by scheduling regular chiropractic adjustments. There is more information to be found at the Chiro-Med Rehab Centre website.