Improve Your Game With Massage Therapy

  • Posted on: 29 October 2016
  • By: admin

Many regard massage therapy as simple stress relief, or as an occasional luxurious treat. While this is certainly true, the benefits of massage are far more than superficial. Massage is actually a healthy practice that has beneficial impact on many areas of physical health.

Injury Recovery

Say for instance a muscle is strained, as often happens in golf injuries. An over-enthusiastic swing may pull the muscles in the arms and shoulders, or the back may go out of alignment when stooping to retrieve a ball. Massage can treat both of these conditions naturally, without the need for medications, and with no unwanted side effects.

When a muscle is torn, the associated fibers must knit themselves back together. The body will eventually do this on its own, but the gliding strokes and kneading motions of massage guide the muscle fibers into natural alignment. Massage therapy strokes move with the grain of muscle tissues and blood vessels, ensuring that they are properly positioned to heal more quickly.

Further, many significant skeletal and postural conditions are affected by tension within muscles. If your back is injured, and your posture isn't solid, your spine will be locked in its injured state by poorly conditioned muscles. By relaxing the body, massage therapy can help the spine and joints to assume more natural connectivity. Good posture must be learned, but it is easier to do so if you aren't fighting against your own tension to do so.

Play Harder

Not only does massage help with injury recovery, but it may even improve your game. There is more to a good golf swing than strength. Flexibility and speed are critical components, but tense muscles are rigid and sluggish due to the presence of lactic acid. Massage helps purge the body of lactic acid and other toxins, helping you to play your best.

But massage therapy isn't a quick fix. While it won't heal your injuries on its own, it can help the body to repair itself. It takes time, regular sessions, and active effort to learn good posture and healthier habits. Further, it may seem like a great idea to get a massage before a big tournament, but if you've practiced with inflexible muscles then you may be surprised at how well you play without tension. For best results, receive massage regularly so you're familiar with how well you play at your most flexible and efficient.

The Healthy, Smart Choice

Massage is not only a great way to relax and relieve stress. It also decreases recovery time from injuries and significantly improves your game. With many other additional benefits, and very few drawbacks, massage therapy is one competitive advantage that you can't afford to pass up. Additional resources are available at the Lifemark Health website.