The chance for a unique golfing experience

It is not every day that a golf course in Canada makes such an interesting offer to its clients. Indeed, a welcome bonus to new members makes the campaign a very attractive one, not just for golfers but for anyone wishing to try a new activity. Come and enjoy a free round of golf in marvellous surroundings! Perhaps you have never tried golf although always were seduced by the idea of becoming a golf player.
Every golfer wants to have a fresh new start at some point, find a place where they can make new friends and excel at their favourite game. The best way of making this wish materialize in 2019 is to come and claim the promotion that involves no deposit. Golf Hope is a golfing dream experience come true.

Our experience as golf professionals has taught us what golfers want

Golfers seek an authentic surrounding with real mountains and water flowing naturally. All these elements will tease and challenge the golfer in playing better and better every day.

We organize special events of which details you can find online. We are eager to get you started quickly and that is why a signup bonus is offered to all new members.

To claim your free bonus code, please fill out our contact form below:


Stay informed with eClub

You can also join our eClub online to enjoy our latest offers and events. We organize regular activities for our members that promote the social aspect of your beloved sport. We also have many advantages such as free money to play. Because Golf lovers are also extremely social people, we encourage our members to meet each other. However, it is perfectly acceptable to play solo and never meet anyone.

Whatever you choose, we are here to make your experience enjoyable whilst getting better at your favourite hobby.

To register to the eClub you will need to fill out the contact form as explained above. Choose a username and add your email address. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you!